Online Training that is LIVE (Not Elearning)

Elearning is great right? Its cost effective, you can learn topics when you want, I mean if you cant sleep at 2am, login and do some study!

If you need 6 months access to study a course, because you can only find an hour here or there, then Elearning is the answer.

Adelaide Consulting Group has partnered with Gurustudy to offer you the best ITIL and RESILIA Elearning courses that we can provide. So if you study with us in class, you get Elearning access included in your package for FREE!

So what is this Online Training that is LIVE? Its not Elearning, its you learning from our certified experts in real time.

No need to travel to the office, or go into a stuffy training room, you can study and learn from a Certified Expert in real time from the comfort of your own home/resort/spacecraft or boat* (*As long as you have a computer and internet access).

Its just as easy to study via Online Training that is Live, as it is to do Elearning. With the exception of the classroom being set times to learn, as you do in a regular classroom.

However! If you are running late, or cant make a certain part of the course, we record the entire event for you to watch when you have time, its just like catch up on Hulu or Fetch, you get up to speed and start fresh the following day, not missing a single piece of information.

And of course, you also get (you guessed it) access to our Elearning course online included in your package!

So lets take a closer look at what is included and the features of Online training that is Live.


What is Online Live training?

Online Live (OLL) training is an innovative way of utilising cutting-edge technology to allow external students to attend live instructor-led training from anywhere in the world via our online classroom.

Adelaide Consulting Groups Online Live training distance-training allows students to experience the same award-winning training from certified expert instructors all from a remote location. Forget about having to travel long distances (and pay for the accommodation) to attend training; now we bring the training to you! If you want from the comfort of your own home.

All Online Live courses follow the same framework as out traditional instructor-led training programs, using lectures, demos and exercises through a virtual platform to impart knowledge and skills to students.


Key Benefits of Online Live training

  • Get the OLL recording on replay for 6 months
  • Talk directly to instructors
  • Connect with other students internationally


A class from anywhere! Work or home



From certified instructors with real-world experience



In discussions via live audio and visual feeds



Any lesson of your course. Anytime!

So if this seems like something that you or your employees would enjoy, get in contact with us today to start the conversation.

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