ACG is a Strategic Partner with AXELOS, and now we can be YOUR strategic partner to help you grow and prosper.

Developing and delivering Best Practices is our core business. We can provide our Accredited Course ware, created by our subject matter experts, with YOUR BRAND. With our global coverage we are also able to boost volumes.

With ACG you can now use this leverage and scale to your advantage. To create top shelf training materials and collateral, it takes quite a number of hours of dedicated highly skilled SME’s. These SME’s are usually the best trainers and are busy delivering courses to your customers. When you have your trainer(s) develop training materials, they are not able to generate revenue at the same time. So what do you do? Develop or license? After the development of the course, then there is the accreditation and maintenance of the materials to continue having the most recent versions which can pose yet more challenges.

We are finding that more training providers see that the “Make it or License it” decision goes in favour of licensing. A reason why licensing is better, is because this gives you the opportunity to expand into new markets and grow your customer base, without the risk of developing materials on which you may not make the required ROI. ACG offers you all of this at no risk at all. Having your own branded course ware, in your own branded portal, that you can promote as your own, now that’s VALUE!

Contact us today, fill in this form and we will be contact you to start the ball rolling, what are you waiting for?

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